TOPO 2017 survey : a large study of grade 6 elementary school students in Montreal

TOPO 2017 addresses various themes that are central to young people’s lives, such as lifestyle habits, physical and emotional health, school life, bullying, family life and school retention.

The most recent survey on the health of elementary school students in Montréal dates back to 2003. Young people’s realities have changed a lot since then, especially with the introduction of social media and education reforms.

TOPO aims to produce a portrait of young people during this important transition period in their development. Results will be used to identify priority issues and better guide interventions to foster health and school success.

Participation in the TOPO survey is voluntary but essential to obtaining as much information as possible.

Our team will be going into schools starting in February 2017. Students will fill out the questionnaire in class, using tablets. If you are the parent of a grade 6 student, you can complete the questionnaire online or by phone, beginning in February 2017.

For more information about TOPO? See our FAQ section.

Résultats de l'enquête TOPO réalisée en 2012